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In 1887 a Sunday School class being conducted in the old Union Chapel on North Liberty Street by a member of Centenary UMC was the seed from which Burkhead United Methodist Church was to ultimately come. Centenary provided the seed for every Methodist Church in Winston-Salem from 1884 to 1930, and wanted to start a new church in North Winston so they organized the class in 1886 as the Mission Grove Methodist Mission. A year later 22 charter members coming by certificate from Centenary organized a new church and named it Burkhead Methodist Episcopal Church, South.

The church was named in honor of Dr. Lingurn Skidmore Burkhead who was appointed minister at Centenary in December 1886. Dr. Burkhead may have been the moving force behind the new church, hence the name, but he was to serve Centenary for only a year, dying suddenly in December 1887 while attending Annual Conference in Fayetteville.

The first church building located at 1012 North Liberty Street was dedicated in September 1888.The original building was enlarged in 1919 even while plans to build a new sanctuary were being made. Consolidation in April 1920 with Liberty Methodist Episcopal Church, South created even more growth and a new church building was begun.

The new sanctuary was dedicated in May 1923. In the 35 years the church served the community from that location, Burkhead had 14 ministers and grew from its chartered membership of 22 to over 700.

By 1923 when the church was paid for, Burkhead became directly involved in helping other churches get started, specifically Hiatt and Ogburn Memorial. They were later credited with helping the Maple Springs UMC building program.

The 1950’s saw a major change in Winston-Salem when several of the downtown churches decided to move to the “suburbs” and Burkhead moved to its current location on Silas Creek Parkway. Fred W. Butner, Jr., a member, was chosen to be the architect of the new facility. On December 12, 1965 Burkhead members first worshiped in their new location in what is now the Fellowship Hall.  The current sanctuary was built in 1978-79 with the first service held on August 5, 1979.

The move to its present location also coordinated with the church changing its name from Burkhead Methodist Episcopal Church, South to Burkhead United Methodist Church.

Burkhead celebrated its centennial in November 1986.

This has been a reciting of dates and places, but not of the people who helped build Burkhead. From the 22 charter members in 1887 to the current day, loving Christians have sat in Burkhead’s pews, reaching out to fellow Christians, locally and world-wide. During the years since its move to the current location, there have been many programs, schools, and special events taking place within its walls, and Burkhead has always changed to meet the needs of its members and community. So, in effect, its history is not finished…

Burkhead United Methodist Church Ministers

Rev. C.W. Robinson                           1887-88

Rev. Ira Erwin                                     1888-92

Rev. Jacob Robert Moose                  1892-94

Rev. S. D. Stamey                                1894-96

Rev. G.W. Callahan                            1896-98

Rev. William Wilson                          1898-1900

Rev. Harold Turner                            1900-04

Rev. T. W. Watts                                 1904-05

Rev. E. E. Williamson                         1905-08

Rev. W. A. Biles                                   1908-11

Rev. W. L. Hutchens                           1911-15

Rev. G. C. Brinnaman                        1915-16

Rev. J. E. Thompson                          1916-18

Rev. J. S. Hiatt                                    1918-24

Rev. J. W. Williams                            1924-27

Rev. C. M. Short                                 1927-29

Rev. J. F. Moser                                  1929-32

Rev. G. A. Stamper                            1932-36

Rev. W. B. Davis                                 1926-38

Rev. W. M. Smith                               1928-42

Rev. Reid Wall                                    1942-46

Rev. J. Elwood Carroll                      1946-48

Rev. Mark Q. Tuttle                           1948-53

Rev. J. Ernest Yountz                        1953-58

Rev. Aubert M. Smith                        1958-61

Rev. Lee P. Barnett                            1961-65

Rev. Dr. Russell T. Montfort            1965-70

Rev. Donald W. Haynes                    1970-73

Rev. L. Donald Ellis                           1973-77

Rev. Robert L. Moore                        1977-81

Rev. Carlton G. Alspaugh, Jr.          1981-84

Rev. Dr. Kenneth M. Johnson         1984-88

Rev. Charles L. Adams                      1988-92

Rev. Robert M. Smith, Jr.                 1992-96

Rev. Mark Barden                              1996-2000

Rev. Kathie Clonz Sherrill                2000-12

Rev. Dr. Susan Pillsbury Taylor      2012-15

Rev. Elizabeth Graves                       2015-17

Rev. Dr. Carl L. Manuel, Jr.             2017-2020

Rev. Julie O’Neal                                2020-


Rev. Reginald J. Cooke                     1962-65

Rev. Ralph Eanes                               1965-70

Rev. Larry L. Kimel                           1970-71

Rev. Van Bullock                               1971

Rev. Jim Bob Reeves                        1972-74

Rev. Janice Johnson                         1974-75

Rev. Carl Johnson                             1974-80

Rev. J. Robert Nations, Jr.              1980-82

Rev. Mark W. Jordan                       1982-86

(also served as Director of Music)

Rev. Karen Miller                              1986-89


Mrs. Barbara Barden                        1990-92

Mrs. Pat Shouns                                1992-96

Rev. Barbara Barden                        1996-2000

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